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At Casa Marin, we want our guests to feel comfortable in Costa Rica, and we offer as much information as needed to help you feel at home and enjoy the wonderful Costa Rican people. The word chineado comes to mind, which describes someone pampered, spoiled, cared for — we want our guests to feel chineados while staying with us. Music, dance, food, humor and the language are a large part of Costa Rican culture. We hope you get to experience not only the beauty of nature, but the sights and sounds, and flavor of the richness of life here.

Jody Mangue, the owner of Casa Marin, wants the very best experience in Costa Rica for our guests. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. We look forward to greeting our guests when they return from their time exploring this beautiful country.

Spanish and English are spoken at our Hotel Casa Marin bed and breakfast.

Casa Marin is a strong proponent of recycling.

I have a great affinity for Latin people, the culture, the language since I was very young. I love to meet new people from all walks of life. My previous life was in the medical field working both as a nurse and social worker with newborns to people in hospice. There are so many places I have yet to visit. My mother's family is Italian. My father worked on the ships and my mother was a professional dancer, so I think they both influenced my love for music and dancing and travel. Swimming is another passion, being at the beach. I think most people I have met in my life I can relate to.

I like to be very impromptu when traveling, not to make plans and let the adventure happen in its own way. My life motto, there are NO accidents in life with the people you meet, that is true for work, friends and animals. There is a timing to life that I have had to learn to respect, anything forced usually does not work out. At least that has been my experience.

Wilson is a native Costa Rican, originally from the Guanacaste area in the Pacific North. He operates a private transportation service with 8 years in the transportation business and can assist with all your transportation needs in Costa Rica. Wilson speaks English in addition to his Spanish native language and can be your personal guide tailoring tours to your interests.

Three dogs live here: Cookie, age 15; and Jack and Jasmine (Jazzy), a brother and sister, who are almost 2. We love animals and have found homes for a number of animals, (in addition to helping sloths and turtles safely cross the highway!)

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